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1982-2002 2WD S-10 Performance Disc Brake Kit for 8.8 Explorer Swap

Whether your S-10 was originally equipped with rear disc brakes, you swapped to a factory style rear disc, or you already installed our MCP rear disc brake kit you still have room to improve your brake system.

-DOT approved braided hoses for the front and our exclusive MCP brake hose kit for 8.8 swaps into S-10s 
-Large bore front calipers deliver more clamping force to the rotor
-Standard friction pads

All brand new, non-junkyard parts

Note: We do not include front rotors, we recommend sourcing them locally. If using aggressive pads which are hard on rotors (like our Hawk pad upgrade) we recommend purchasing lifetime warranty rotors and switching them as needed

Note: In very high heat applications we recommend removing the 4 O-rings in each of  the front calipers that ride on the slide pin

Note: If adding a rear hard line kit for a narrowed rear end we recommend requesting OE quality steel lines as stainless steel is hard to cut and re-flare when trying to match the shortened rear end


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